TOPUIA2011 Tokyo Symposium Project

International Symposium on the Community and Architects at the UIA Congress, 2011 Tokyo

Date : 27th September 2011
Venue : Hall-C, the Tokyo International Forum
The Operating Body : Japan Federation of Architects Building Engineers Associations(JFABEA)
※ This symposium is open to the public and is free admission

Aim of the Symposium

Those who will participate the symposium will help to define the roles of the architect(s), who have enough skills, motivation and mindfulness to work with the people in developing local societies.

Date : September 27 (Tuesday), 2011

Program 1; Keynote Lecture<13:00~14:30PM>

Prof. Maristella Casiato (Roma, Italy); Community and Architects in the Modern European Society

Program 2; Case Study Lectures <14:30~17:00PM>

1.Moriko Kira (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Total Design Management for the Housing Projects: Challenges of the KUUB in the Contemporary Dutch Society

2.Hisami Yamamoto (Kochi, Japan)
Local Architectural Works by the `Tosa-ha` School Architects: Applying Japanese Traditional Building Methods to Contemporary Projects

3.Kazutoshi Katayama (Tokyo, Japan)
The Rural Development Projects and Townscape of the Kanayama-machi Town in Yamagata Prefecture: Local Industry and Building Methods

4.Teruyuki Morisaki (Kobe, Japan)
The Rebuilding Projects of the Inner City after the South Hyogo Prefecture Earthquake in 1995: Applying City Planning System to Disaster Areas

5. Hideo Yoshida (Kyoto, Japan)
The Urban Conservation Project of the Gion-minamimachi Area in Kyoto: City Planning and Design Management for the Historic City

< coffee break >

Program 3. Panel Discussion <17:10~19:00PM>

The Chair; Yasunori Kitao (Ph.D, Kyoto Women’s University)
Panelists; The Keynote Speaker and Five Lecturers (see Program 2)
Commentator: Toshio Ootsuki (Ph.D, The University of Tokyo) and the president of the JFABEA.