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この度韓国、釜山市は釜山市中区の北港再開発地区に新しい国際規模のオペラ ハウス建設を企画しており、この件につきまして添付のよう国際アイディアコンペを行うことになりました。

つきましては、このコンペにつきまして、以下(英文)のスケジュールで推 進しますので、是非ご応募ください。


*登録締切り:2011年5月25日 午後5時

International Ideas Competition for Busan Opera House

█ Purpose of competition

This is an international ideas competition to establish a design for the Busan Opera House. The design will be based on a variety of ideas from both domestic and foreign specialists, as well as student groups. The opera house will include a variety of facilities that will foster a wide range of artistic activities all the while being accessible to the city’s citizens. The grand scale of this project will be suitable for Busan's status as an international city.

█ Competition site

The site for the International Ideas Competition for the Busan Opera House is seated in the marine cultural region inside the re-development district in the northern seaport, Junggu, Busan, Korea. The site area for competition is 34,928㎡ out of the marine culture district’s total area of 137,640㎡.

█ Promoter

• The promoter for this competition is, Busan Metropolitan City, S. Korea

• Official contact
The official contact for the competition is: Email: Website:

█ Schedule

• Provisional announcement of competition: April 10, 2011
• Official announcement of competition: April 25, 2011
• Registration: April 25, 2011, 10:00AM -May 25, 2011, 5:00PM (GMT+9)
• Questions/inquiries: May 11, 2011 - May 20, 2011
• Answers to inquiries: May 25, 2011 (Will be posted on the website)
• Deadline for entry submission: August 3, 2011, 5:00PM (GMT+9)
• Announcement of final jury decision: August 12, 2011
• Registration fee: 100 US Dollar (120,000 Korean Won)

█ Eligibility

A. Student Group

• Any student who specialized in architecture can participate as a single or team entry.

B. Professional Group

• Any architecture license holder can participate in the public competition as an individual or a team member.

█ Prizes and awards

A) Student competition: first prize (1 work), second prize (3 works), third prize (10 works), Honorary Mention (10 works)

B) Professional competition: first prize (5 works), second prize (5 works), Honorary Mention (10 artworks)

█ Prize money

A) Student group
1st prize: US Dollar 5,000, 2nd prize: US Dollar 3,000 each,
3rd prize: US Dollar 1,000 each, Honorary mention: prize no money

B) Professional group:
1st prize US Dollar 30,000 each, 2nd prize US Dollar 10,000, Honorary
mention: prize no money